Sally Collins is an award-winning quiltmaker, teacher and author who has been quilting since 1978 and teaching since 1985. Her quilts range in size from small to wall size and although she is most recognized for her quality workmanship, attention to detail and teaching expertise, her continual love and interest is in the process of quiltmaking, the journey. Her focus for classes is on quality workmanship, borders and edges or drafting. All classes are developed to help students advance and improve their own creative and technical skills as well as how to critique and correct their own work.

She loves the challenge of combining design, color and intricate piecing in a traditional style and this interest is illustrated and explained in detail through her books "Small Scale Quiltmaking" 1996, now POD (Print On Demand book); "The Art of Machine Piecing" 2000, now POD (Print On Demand); "Borders, Bindings and Edges" 2004, which guides and encourages quilters through the process of successfully designing, calculating, fitting and applying numerous styles of borders, bindings, and edge styles to bring their own quilts to a beautiful conclusion; "Mastering Precision Piecing" 2006, shares her approach and methods for achieving quality workmanship in any scale, to help quilmakers critique and correct their own work, improve and advance their creative and technical skills, and find joy and value in the process. Also included are chapters on fabric, color, drafting, design and seven projects; "Sally Collins Teaches You Precision Piecing" 2007 is an excellent DVD on workmanship only, showing Sally in her own sewing room sharing exactly how she does what she does in great detail with camera close-ups.

Her most recent book, "Drafting for the Creative Quilter" 2010 is the ultimate reference guide for learning the mechanics of drafting as well as how to draft  numerous categories of quilt designs, including grid based, circular, hexagon, pineapple, 8-pointed star and much more. Sally also shares two methods of designing and three projects. This book is easy to understand, supported by over 500 illustrations and includes everything you need to know to make your own quilts, your way in any size you choose.   

Sally balances her time between traveling across the country conducting workshops, giving presentations and enjoying life with her husband Joe. Sally can be reached by email for availability and fee information.

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Noteworthy: Focus on how well, not how fast, you make your quilts.