All presentations are approximately 1 hour to 1-1/4 hours - cameras and questions are always welcome.

Small Scale Quiltmaking—What Is It?
This presentation will introduce you to a unique, fresh approach to quiltmaking. Both quilts and slides support my verbal presentation of how I work in a small scale successfully and explain why it is just as exciting as full scale work. Join me as I share quilts that excite the eye, challenge the hand and tempt the imagination.

Quality Workmanship and How to Achieve it
This presentation begins with a discussion of quality workmanship, its meaning and importance to the quiltmaking process as well as suggestions and ideas on how to achieve quality workmanship in your own work. Following the oral portion of this presentation, Iíll show lots of quilts and welcome questions.

Borders, Bindings, and Edges
Do you want to bring your next quilt to a beautiful conclusion? This presentation uses both slides and quilts to explain and illustrate numerous border, binding, and edge styles and support topics such as color, fabric, proportion and scale. Come and be inspired, excited, motivated, and educated.

Trunk Show
Join me for a fun and informative evening as I share my quilts in a chronological order and describe some of the problems I faced and how I approached correcting them. This informal presentation works best in a facility that allows me to be close to the audience rather than up on a stage and far away.